Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday. Planning on a trip to a beautiful winter wonderland? Sonia’s got you covered …

36 thoughts on “Travel Tips: How to pack for your Winter Travels

  1. Can you please talk about layovers??? I will probably go to venezuela in april and I will stop in aruba for 9 hours on my way I did some research but you are the best !!! Please help can people go out of the airport ? It's 9 hours enough? What about the luggage? Helppppp

  2. Nice video Sonia 🙂 Not many people think about traveling in winter but I love it because there's often half as many tourists around – I was in Athens last december and had the parthenon all to myself!
    I grew up in Australia (where even our winters are warmer than a lot of people's summers) so when I first arrived to work the winter season in a ski station in the French Alps a few years ago I was severely underprepared and had a lot to learn. So here's a few tricks I've picked up over the last few years that your video missed.

    The first thing I learnt was NOT to layer socks. It restricts circulation, reduces wicking (increasing the likelihood of sweat staying close to the skin, therefore making you colder as it cools down) and is just generally a bad idea. One, good quality pair of technical ski or hiking socks might cost more money to begin with, but they generally last a really long time and, in terms of warmth, are worth countless pairs of cheaper, colder socks.

    Also, a small, fleece or down vest is a great middle layer – keeping the vital organs in the body warm, whilst also giving your arms freedom of movement and avoiding that horrible sticky, puffy, too-many-clothes, 'michelin man' feeling. And again, layers are good, but not too many – all the merino/silk/synthetic base layers in the world won't help you much without a decent outer layer. One really good, light and warm, preferably waterproof, down (it's so compact!) coat/jacket is for me, absolutely essential.

    And lastly for the ladies. . . . Fleece lined leggings!! I love them so much I can't even explain it. They keep your legs a bazillion times wamer than any pair of jeans or pants, but they take up less than half the room in your luggage. They come in all sorts of colours and styles and are very easy to mix and match with skirts, dresses and even winter shorts for a variety of outfits. They're wonderfully comfortable for planes etc because there's no seams or studs or pockets to dig into you if you're sitting still for a long time and if you do happen to be unlucky enough to get caught in the rain. . . they dry out MUCH faster than conventional pants.

    Happy Traveling!!

  3. Can you do a video on packing for spring in europe? I am going with my school to Paris in April and don't want to overpack. I always do. I am also a fashionista and want to still look good

  4. I love my Heattech underwear from Uniqlo, it is not expensive and keeps warm. Also their ultra light down pieces are great for layering. Sorry! I'm just a fan 🙂

  5. Jesus!  You're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for travel videos.  That was about as informative as the fine print on your car insurance policy.  You should stick to actually traveling, it would be more entertaining and informative than this video or the countless others you make.

  6. Hand warmers are well known to people from cold climates not going to lie I used to stick them all over myself when I lived in Michigan it was the only way. 

  7. I've always known to dress in layers. However, I never knew there was a specific way that it should be done. Well, it does help. I am the type of person who likes walking through snowy places and very cold weather. In fact, I have videos on my channel involving me playing in the snow. 

  8. Awesome vid! I wish I had watched this before I moved to China (where it is often unheated indoors in the winter)!! Do you have some particular companies you would recommend for good under layers?

  9. Does wearing the big boots on the plane cancel out the rule in your security video about wearing shoes that are easy to take on and off? My boots have metal parts on them so I'll definitely need to take them off.

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