In this video I document my expenses for the day in Xela, Guatemala, and show that you can travel in Guatemala for super cheap. Feel like reading something …
Gabriel Traveler

31 thoughts on “Travel in Guatemala CRAZY CHEAP! Budget Travel Tips

  1. Starting my planning on going to Guatemala can you tell me where we should go and not go as in things we should see and all. Love to see some caves and the rainforest and volcanos any help would be great. Thank you. Keep the great videos coming

  2. My first impressions…. earthy raw..real …. blew me away.. definitely a place for anyone who still have love for … it might be fancy.. but I feel this place has something very beautiful..thanks for this vlog.. keep the camera rolling my friend.

  3. I'm a new sub. Binged watched your latin america videos. Am going to watch the rest one by one. I love your filming style…showing the real streets…real people…real expenses…your videos feel authentic!

  4. ANOTHER "STINGY" can you explain wy are you looking for the cheap prices??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔maybe is because you must be some one very poor in your country???? Don't come here just to take advantage of everything!!!! LEAVE GOOD TIPS 😒😒😒😒

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