Things YOU need to know before you travel to Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas is Big, so is the Strip. Things are much further away than they seem from looking …
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  1. Good tips! As a former Vegas resident who still travels there often, here are some of mine-

    1. Mom & Pop restaurants/local chains offer some unique & tasty fare at cheaper prices. Some of my faves – Pinches Tacos in the Container Park, Skinny/Fats, the legendary Peppermill, Tacos Mexico, VegeNation.

    2. $29 a night rooms or less are perfectly fine if you don't plan on hanging out in your room much. If you just need a place to crash & stash your stuff, they'll do. But know that you are usually getting tired motel room quality. If you want luxe, stick to the big name resorts. If you want quiet, stick to the south end of the Strip or better yet, stay in Henderson, where you'll still be within easy reach – a 15 minute drive or so.

    3. Older hotels/casinos will always be smellier as a consequence of age. If you're sensitive to that, then research your hotels and make sure it was constructed relatively recently.

    4. Cabs gouge you. All of them. I lived without a car in Vegas for 6 months and had to rely on cabs & buses to get around and cabs are pricey and always, always late. Buses are cheap but tend to break down often during the summer months, when the excessive heat gets to them. Rent a car or Uber.

    5. Make a game plan before going to the Strip. Research and make a list of what you want to see. The Strip is loud & chaotic, a frenzy of activity, especially as day becomes night, it is easy to become disoriented. If you map out the places where you want to go ahead of time, you'll save yourself a lot of extra time and confusion.

    6. If you're feeling overcome by all the noise & hoopla, a ride on the High Roller ferris wheel is relaxing & calming with great views. I highly recommend it.

    7. The chilly weather in winter doesn't last long and tends to fluctuate. You still get some balmy days in between the chilly ones. And this is Vegas chilly. Midwesterners and New Englanders balk at Vegas cold. So if you don't mind temps hovering above 32 degrees, December/January is a great time to visit.

    8. If you have a dog to walk or want to decompress, try Charlie Frias park off Tropicana & Decatur. Walking paths, a soccer pitch, even a xeriscaped, rock maze to wander through make this a beautiful spot to take a breath. Also, there's nearby Sunset Park, across from the airport, off Sunset & Eastern, with trails and trees and lakes, it's a favorite place for locals. Then there's my favorite, the Clark County Wetlands park, 3000 acres of wetlands habitat, streams, ponds, rapids and trails that wind all the way to Lake Mead. A hidden gem.

    9. If you're a smoker the price of cigarettes in Vegas may take you aback. I don't smoke anymore, but used to, casually. Vending machines can charge upwards of $9 a pack, though it might be even more now, since I haven't bought a pack in 5 years.

    10. Since the shooting, which locals refer to as "OneOctober," the police presence and security has increased throughout Vegas and in the hotels. I've stayed at 2 different hotels since OneOctober, and each of them had a security guard posted next to the elevators at lobby level. They also had implemented a system whereby when you ride the elevator, you must swipe a room key to get to your floor. If you don't have your room card, the elevator won't move!

  2. Yes, November & December room prices are cheap, up until around Dec 28/29 right b4 New Years Eve. We go around that time every year to look at the beautiful hotel decorations. But it can be pretty cold😨. Being from southern cali, i dont even use a coat until i go oit of town.

  3. I'll never understand people who go to Vegas but "don't really gamble". Why are you going? That's literally what it's for. Everything to do there that isn't gambling should be done at MUCH better locales for those types of things. It's like going to a steakhouse for the chicken

  4. I've been to Vegas twice. The first time was in the winter and it was surprisingly cold so bring a jacket. The second time was in May and it was peaking at around 104 degrees. I'm from the UK so it was overwhelming levels of heat. Obviously it's in a desert so the air is dry. I was on my honeymoon and we stayed at the Luxor. When you look online at a map of the strip, you really underestimate how long it is. My feet and ankles quadrupled in size from the heat walking up and down the strip. It was very uncomfortable, so be prepared if you go in the summer.

    My other tip is when you check in and the receptionist asks for your passport, put a 20 dollar bill inside it and say 'that's for you. Are there any upgrades available?' It worked both times for us and we ended up with beautiful suites with lots of extras.

  5. 1. He’s right! Las Vegas is really big. Me and my wife stayed at the MGM Grand and ok average we walked 9-10 miles a day just walking up and down the Strip. Buy the best shoes you can.

    6. I just spent 11 days in Vegas Dec 25 – Jan 4th. The temperatures were from 30°F – 48°F. It was cold!

    7. Make sure to get a buffet with your reservation because they’re really expensive. At the MGM Grand during the holidays the brunch was $32.99 per person and the Dinner was $42.99 per person. During weekends the prices are higher.

    The Casinos smell like cigarettes. It doesn’t matter which hotel. The Aria, Bellagio, Caesars, MGM, etc. If you have children try to avoid walking by them. The smell is incredible.

  6. I get a lot of my coworkers saying it's better to work regular days(I work weekends) and have the weekends off… HAH! I've taken vacations on my off days (Monday – Wednesday) an it's great! Not many people during those days

  7. Comments from a 25 year LV resident: Forget the taxi’s, use Uber or Lyft. Downtown LV is cool, old school gambling. Cheaper minimums. Do not play video poker on the strip, the machines are tight as a drum. Downtown much better for that. MGM started the ridiculous resort fees and everyone followed. I detest the resort fee concept, nothing but a money grab to screw the tourist. I agree to learn the games before you play. I studied a book about craps for a week before I jumped on a table for the first time. The odds are against you even if you are a games expert like me. You play as a clueless tourist you have no chance. He’s right about the conventions. Do not come during CES, SEMA, or MAGIC. He’s right, cheapest rooms are Sunday-Thursday. Problem is, weekends are more exciting. Do NOT pay $60+ for a buffet! Price of food does not equate to quality. Do NOT use an ATM in a strip casino. They charge a fee up to almost $10, such a ripoff. Smoking is tolerated, but don’t be the asshole pulling out a cigar. You will get harassed by customers and employees if you start smoking a cigar in a casino. Stay away from the time share presentations! It will be 2 hours of hard core closing by seasoned salesmen. That’s not worth a free $30 show ticket folks.

  8. I live in Vegas and you should take Uber/Lyft, never take taxis because they will RIP you off.. Ride sharing is much cheaper. The strip is 6 miles long. Downtown is 3 miles away from the strip.

  9. I just saw you last night while you were filming. I'm checking out your channel from the card you gave me and I realized that I have watched some of your vlogs already. New subscriber!

  10. at first I was refusing to listen to tips from a man holding a stuffed animal… but then…. i guess it good to hear everyones perspective, even if there crazy

  11. Another thing to keep in mind when planning your trip before you reserve a hotel ….narrow down where you want to stay maybe pick 3 to 5 hotels your interested in then check their home website directly before booking because if you book directly thru their own website there is often times special deals, promotions and packages that can save you quite a bit of money and freebies that you won't get if say you reserve thru For example the El Cortez …if you book thru their home website you get 2 free prime rib dinners when booking at least 2 nights. ….Also, when planning your trip and if your flexible on the month/day for your trip then go directly to their website and check out their RATE CALENDAR and you will find that even the luxurious hotels will have days/weeks where their rooms are under $100 a night as apposed to $200 or more a night.

  12. Forgot to mention that you can use the city bus to travel up and down the strip and into old downtown (freemont st). They charge about $2 a ride or you can get a 24 hour pass for like $8 and use the bus unlimited times and the bus system gets priority in traffic so you get to your destination much faster even with stops in between. I used the bus the first time I visited Vegas and now I use it everytime I go. It's way cheaper than a taxi, lyft, uber etc and you can chat with locals and find out good information …you will get the occasional wack job on the bus though! Yes, avoid ATM's …if you need cash then go buy something like a drink at Walgreens (they're EVERYWHERE) and get cash back. Also, you can get free water if your gambling and the waitress comes and asks what you want to drink for free they will give you a small bottled water ….at least I've never been charged as long as I was gambling. Also, if your planning your trip to Vegas and plan on going to attractions you can get big discounts if you pre-buy them online before you go. Also, if your going to be walking alone or down a dark side street that is not populated with pedestrians WATCH YOUR BACK, you might want to take a bottle of Mace with you ….I almost got jumped, robbed twice walking a side street back to my hotel.

  13. Well already at the time you put the video out MGM already charged over $37 a night on resort fees in most of the hotels. Keep in mind that if you are paying full fare for the room, you can always tip the front desk and ask them politely that since you are not planning on using most of the facilities if they could waive the resort fees… 2 out of 3 cases they will do it, if not at all then at least half of it.

    And the second very very important thing – use the rewards programs! It in fact is really important if you are visiting Vegas multiple times a year and you gamble, it is very worth it… You don't have to gamble or lose huge amounts, like 20-30 bucks a day is enough and it will result in complimentary nights, upgrades, free minibar, buffets etc…

  14. Lol I booked a room during CES. I had no choice . I had to use my voucher or it was gone. I was going to go to CES but it says you have to be in the industry? Does anyone know why ?

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