Bali and Indonesia in general is a popular vacation spot for very good reasons. I hope these #BaliTravelTips can help you get more prepared and ready for your …

26 thoughts on “Bali/Indonesia Travel Tips || A First Timer’s Guide (What I Learned)

  1. I hope this video helped with any first timer headed to Indonesia! It was such a beautiful place and the people were amazing. I wish I saw more of the country! Please let me know if you have any other questions😊

  2. For Taxi to avoid scams, only take official taxi called Blue Birds Taxi or take Uber. Same for Vietnam too (Only take VinaSun, Mai Linh or Uber). I mostly try to Uber anywhere when I travel. My hotel in Semiyak arranged a taxi for me and I had no issues. So from my travels in Asia, the taxi that hotels arranged so far in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia is pretty legit and no scams. They give good restaurant recommendations too and very nice. I am usually very friendly like you to the front desk. They all like me as I am super friendly so they even give me discounts for day tour packages (always try to bargain a bit about this if you can). They make like 30-40% commission off tour packages and are open to bargaining but I am not a crazy bargain person :)..So don't book things online for tour packages or day tour, talk to front desk at hotel & ask them to give you a good deal :)…You can look up day tour prices online just for research but I found it was better to book with hotels. They will not try to scam you usually or rip you off badly. I tell all my hotels clearly that I will write a review after my trip and always enjoy having me as I am a very clean, quiet, organized and respectful guest 🙂

  3. Do not buy coffee from those Coffee Plantation tours in Ubud or anywhere in Bali! I went as I heard about it online and my personal driver took me in Ubud. I found out that the tour is free & fun but do not buy their coffee. The coffee they let you taste is good but the ones they sell are crap. We got scammed and there was bad reviews about this on TripAdvisor which I wish I had read before going. The signal on my local sim card sucks so I couldn't look up the reviews & read it while I was there. So I paid $110 CAD for crappy coffee…. I even got get diarrhea from trying the coffee when I landed in Canada so my friend said to just throw it away. I was going to give some of these coffee and tea to friends and family as souvenir gifts but not anymore. What a waste of money buying them in the first place! 🙁

    This is what I told my friends to warn them about the coffee plantation tour:
    I think we got ripped off for coffee in Bali. Our driver took us to a coffee farm/plantation which is fun but we bought some Luwack coffee and some other coffee and tea that we found later it was crap/low quality or even fake. We read later on TripAdvisor that many people say don't buy anything there. They said the coffee is low quality and over priced on TripAdvisor. We spent like $110 cad on coffee and tea boxes…
    I read online later on that the price is a major rip off like 2-3 times what you can buy in the market at Ubud. They were warning not to buy anything when you go visit this coffee farm/plantation. So I should not have listened or trust my Bali driver at all. He lied and said the stuff here is good quality stuff when I asked him about it before I was about to buy. What a bunch off bullshit… Drivers taking tourists to a coffee plantation/farms that sell fake or low quality coffee is like a scam or ripping tourists off…He later told me later on that all drivers making 20-30% or more commission off what we spend so they will always tell us the products is great and we should buy. Do not trust drivers! I don't mind paying more but it has to be decent/good quality stuff not crap. So don't trust drivers when you hire them. They all get commissions off of what we buy/spend even if the product is
    Thailand and China is super famous for aggressively luring tourists to their friend's stores/shop but I didn't realize Bali was the exact same crap. Lol… Now we will be super alert mode everywhere we travel and always look up prices and reviews online b4 we buy anything or just skip shopping completely…Best and safest thing is just buy from large Duty Free shops at airport. It is safer and more clean/fair prices!! We did this mostly in previous trips and had no issues :)…I messed up a bit in Bali. But overall had a good experience.

  4. Thanks for covering my hometown 🙂 always great to see a foreign perspective 🙂

    Since then they have abolish visa on arrival on some countries

    Currency is advisable to not exchange at the airport/random street vendor some even quotingg higher rates but what they do is they rip you off with commision rate / slight of hand / claiming your cash is a counterfeit cash

  5. Nice video. Thanks for this. just got few doubts.
    Interms of transport from Bali to gilli island , do you have any suggestion which boat service we should pick thats not very expensive ?
    which island is ideal to look for an Airbnb accommodation ?
    how many days you think is best to stay in gilli ? and which are the best activities to do in gilli ( also which island ) that is better than doing it in bali.

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