Things we learnt from our maiden trip to Rome, which we hope will make the difference for your visit too! 🙂 Recent blogposts/pictures: 1) Travel Rome: Getting …
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50 thoughts on “5 travel tips for Rome, Italy

  1. I enjoyed watching your video. Thanks for the tips! My family and I recently got back from a 3 week vacation in Europe where we spent time in Rome exploring the sites. It was amazing. We can't wait to go back!

  2. I and my family and tour group had a bad experience traveling to Italy. Every single Italian hates you if you are a tourists. Every single one. Also every single cashier will try to cheat you of your change. Even in the Rome airport in the Duty free, some tall blond tried it on my wife. So many pick pockets, so many rude Italians. The ruins are great, the buildings are fantastic, the pizza not so good, the spegetti not so good. When I got on the airplane to leave Italy two weeks later, I was so happy to get the hell out of there. Terrible troll people the Italians. Even the French were less rude to me…not much, but noticeably less. Be warned, Italians hate tourists.

  3. I was in Italy last month. There is an ISIS attack daily on police there. So many immigrants were allowed in, that they also let in thousands of ISIS militants too. This will happen to america if we let everyone in. Italy was the most horrible people I had ever met, so rude, so angry, even the cash register girls at gas stations look angry at you when paying for items. Horrible people, but beautiful country.

    I bought hundreds of items, and every cash register person always tried to cheat me out of my change, Italians have no ethics or morals, just pure hate for all the tourists. Nobody ever told me that before I went. Italians really suck and treat foreigners like shit. I was there for 3 weeks in four cities. All the same. Almost got into a serous fight with one dude. Another person in my group got her wallet pick pocketed. Sucky ass country. If you are not Italian, they will hate you! They hated the white guy in my group, they hated the Asians in my group and they especially hated me for being black! Ever have people snort and growl at you…I did…over 100 times at cash registers! @#$#@ing McDonalds guy stalled for seven minutes to give me back my 7 euros! FU MC Asshole.

  4. use the roma pass, 2 or 3 days gets you free transport plus free entry to 2 sites (Coliseum and forum are classed as one), pre buy online vatican entry will save you 3 hrs queuing

  5. A Roma, molti dei genitori ignora le leggi dei traffic e molti di questi genitori sono dipendenti pubblici. Gioventu in Italia meritano rispettosi della legge, etiche e coscienziosi funzion ari, loro futuro in realta dipende da esso. Raddoppiamo mults per il traffico in citta capitali e attesa da tempo di orologio, adulti e rispettosi della legge strade compaiono a Roma!!

  6. Great tips!
    To find best restos or ice cream shops all you have to do is to stay off the beaten path, never have gelato in front of colosseum or trevi fountain, walk the sidestreets and alleys to find the best places.

  7. Romans pay the bus ticket, but they buy the monthly one. When you find a controller on bus or metro or train or trolley ALL the romans have their tickets. They buy on the tree first days of month, and don´t need stamp it, just put the signature

  8. As a 19 year old white American male, I did a tour of Europe where I made it a point to have at least one fight in every country. I would only fight people who seemed to be average fighters for their country, not good and not bad so that my study could be objective. I had an especially difficult time starting a fight in Italy because noone wanted to fight back. I had to resort to spitting in a guy's face in order to get a reaction, but the fight only lasted for less than a minute before he said he was done.
    So I wouldn't recommend visiting Italy.

  9. Locals in Rome use monthly Metro-bus passes, so your suggestion that Italians ride buses for free is insulting to Romans, and misleading to the Youtube viewers. Just because you don't understand something, that does not give you a reason to offend the people of the country you were fortunate to visit, and whom your should have been grateful to, instead. Perhaps your attitude should change before your next trip, no matter the destination.

  10. Avoid the truck ice cream sellers like the plague! It is complete crap heaven knows what goes into them! and very pricey to boot. Save the experience for a proper gelateria, you will not be sorry you did…..Carry a water bottle with you and fill up at the fountains. Look out for pickpockets on the 64 bus.

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