Hey guys! Today I’m sharing 5 travel tips ( or travel hacks) for international travels and also a couple of packing tips. I thought I would also show you my updated …

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  1. Been watching your cooking videos and I must say I love your personality and your humble ways…I'm an older woman of 59yrs young…and feel you and your hubby are genuinely good hearted people,you have a very beautiful home!! I'm in California Are you here in Cali also?

  2. I think it would be better to have all your liquids in a clear zip bag so you can pull it out of your makeup bag quickly. Also, why do you need all those brushes in your carryon travel bag? Lastly, carrying a heavy bag is not practical when you travel overseas as you may need to transfer terminals or run to the gate.

  3. Thank you for the tips! But if you're going to a country which requires you to get a visa and at the time of check in (if flying) you don't have a visa, the airline will not allow you to fly at all. And if you do fly without the required visa, when you arrive at the foreign country, you're more likely to be sent back to your home country

  4. Love this video – putting liquids in a separate bag was a great tip for me! Love love love the bag! You are a doll and as a woman of a particular age nearly 60, I really love your videos and tips! Blessings!

  5. I have a question.. It may be dumb, but I see some people taking things to freshen up on the plane in their bags that are liquids.. Are you only allowed to have 1 bag of liquids if you're only bringing a carry-on and personal item bag? Like can you only bring liquids in your personal bag if you have a checked bag?

  6. thanks for the tips, I've been watching a ton of traveling videos and i feel yours was the most helpful, any idea where i can get the tourism visa for the Dominican Republic, I'm going in May

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